Posted by: Yin Chang | September 16, 2013

Jr. FIRST LEGO League – Information on registering

This year’s Jr. FIRST LEGO League challenge will be a fun one – DISASTERS!

How to register your team . . . . there are two ways to register.

OPTION 1: Register ONCE by registering directly with Glen Ridge First by Oct. 31, 2013. There is a $50 registration fee by US First. By registering directly with GR First, you register once, your team is automatically registered for the April 5 Jr. FIRST LEGO League showcase and you can start getting information directly from us.  Direct registration with Glen Ridge First Once you register, you will receive an email about next steps within a week.

OPTION 2: This is a two-step registration:

1- Register directly with US First

2- Register separately with Glen Ridge First if you wish to participate in the April 5 Jr. FLL showcase

Whatever option you take, the coaches will need to schedule sessions with the team to have fun.

What is Junior FIRST® LEGO® League? Guided by adult coaches and Jr. FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) Core Values, students (ages 6 to 9) work together as a team to answer a year challenge. The challenge has three parts: Core Values, the Show-Me Poster and the LEGO Model. The program focuses on building interest in science, technology and engineering through a real world challenge. For more information on Jr.FLL, please go to

What is expected of the Jr. FLL Team? Team members will need to do the following within 8, 9 or more one-hour sessions:

  • Design and construct a model using LEGO bricks and moving parts. If the children are more advanced, they can use additional motorized accessories or even software to program the select movement.
  • Create a Show-Me Poster, which presents what they have learned as well as about the team.
  • Optional: Glen Ridge FIRST will have an exhibition for all registered Glen Ridge Jr.FLL teams as well as a formal review. – April 5, 2014!!!!

Have additional questions, please email


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