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9/22 DEADLINE for GR First STEM program registration

Last call: Fall registration for Glen Ridge First classes. Deadline: Sunday, Sept. 22. In order for the classes to run, a minimum of 10 must be registered. Click here to register.

Highlights from the Fall program is below. For the full 2013-2014 schedule, click here.

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (Grades 2-8)

  • This Fall: Prerequisite courses: Intro to Robotics and Advanced intro to Robotics
  • Winter session will have more courses, but the prerequisites courses above must be met


Grades 1-4

  • Simple Machines: Wheels, Axles & Gears (Fall with a follow-up class on motorized machines in winter)/Grades 1-3
  • 3 LEGO® Robotics: Animals and Amazing Machines, Amazing Mechanisms and Ferris Wheels & Moving Things



Club Invention: If you loved Camp Invention, sign up for Club Invention. There are 3 classes this Fall and Winter.



  • NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers (Yes, NASA did assist with building this curriculum)

Jr. FIRST LEGO League: Click here for team registration information.

Odyssey of the Mind: Click here for registration information.

Questions? Email

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Odyssey of the Mind: Team Registration

In order to receive the challenges and to register your team (under Glen Ridge First’s membership to Odyssey of the Mind), at least one member of your team must be a Glen Ridge First member. Of course, teams are welcome to register directly with Odyssey of the Mind, but the team will pay it’s own membership fee with OM.

STEPS to register through Glen Ridge First:

1- Click here to complete a Glen Ridge First membership registration form. Only one team mate needs to be a member.

2- Register your team with us. Click here. Select which problem synopses your team will choose as we will ask this from you after the registration is complete. However, you should have an idea of where your team will compete.

Odyssey of the Mind charges a nominal fee for each team that competes at their events. The fee for this year has not yet been determined. As a point of reference, last year’s fee was $35/team. Note: Teams will be responsible for the competition fee.

3- Once we have this information, we will confirm your challenge selection, register your team formally with OM, and send you the information you need ASAP to start your challenge.

The sooner you start, the more you’ll accomplish.

Please contact or with any questions.

Posted by: Yin Chang | September 16, 2013

Jr. FIRST LEGO League – Information on registering

This year’s Jr. FIRST LEGO League challenge will be a fun one – DISASTERS!

How to register your team . . . . there are two ways to register.

OPTION 1: Register ONCE by registering directly with Glen Ridge First by Oct. 31, 2013. There is a $50 registration fee by US First. By registering directly with GR First, you register once, your team is automatically registered for the April 5 Jr. FIRST LEGO League showcase and you can start getting information directly from us.  Direct registration with Glen Ridge First Once you register, you will receive an email about next steps within a week.

OPTION 2: This is a two-step registration:

1- Register directly with US First

2- Register separately with Glen Ridge First if you wish to participate in the April 5 Jr. FLL showcase

Whatever option you take, the coaches will need to schedule sessions with the team to have fun.

What is Junior FIRST® LEGO® League? Guided by adult coaches and Jr. FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL) Core Values, students (ages 6 to 9) work together as a team to answer a year challenge. The challenge has three parts: Core Values, the Show-Me Poster and the LEGO Model. The program focuses on building interest in science, technology and engineering through a real world challenge. For more information on Jr.FLL, please go to

What is expected of the Jr. FLL Team? Team members will need to do the following within 8, 9 or more one-hour sessions:

  • Design and construct a model using LEGO bricks and moving parts. If the children are more advanced, they can use additional motorized accessories or even software to program the select movement.
  • Create a Show-Me Poster, which presents what they have learned as well as about the team.
  • Optional: Glen Ridge FIRST will have an exhibition for all registered Glen Ridge Jr.FLL teams as well as a formal review. – April 5, 2014!!!!

Have additional questions, please email

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Odyssey of the Mind: Coming up

If you’re ready to rock and roll with Odyssey of the Mind, please do the following in the next few days:

1- Confirm your team members.

2- Complete the GR First membership in order to register your team.

3- Check back with us…. we’ll have information this Friday up with much more details.


Posted by: Yin Chang | September 6, 2013

Early registration for Fall programs ends tonight

Our STEM programs for the 2013-2014 Academic Year is now out! Early registration closes at midnight on September 6, 2013. Go to 

Posted by: Yin Chang | July 4, 2013

Glen Ridge First Core Values

Glen Ridge First Core Values:
• We encourage imagination, creativity and innovation.
• We believe learning about STEM is fun.
• We enjoy learning with friends.
• We share our experiences and what we learned with others
who are interested.
• We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
• We strive to display gracious professionalism.
• We endeavor to work together as a team.

We welcome students from all over NJ. While our name is Glen Ridge First, don’t let that fool you. We are open to students outside of Glen Ridge.

Love it! Live it! Be a part of it….we hope that you’re able to join us this coming 2013-2014 academic year in one of the many challenges.

Posted by: Yin Chang | June 19, 2013

We need your recyclables and old appliances!

In preparation for Camp Invention (hosted by Glen Ridge First), help us gather household appliances, mechanical device and recycling our camp goers to take apart during the I Can Invent ™ module.  DROP OFF AT Ridgewood Avenue School this Saturday, June 22 between 11 AM – 1 PM.

Please refer to the items below or attached when determining whether the appliance is appropriate. Click here for full list.

It is extremely important that you PREPARE your child’s Take-Apart item prior to donating.

  • Unplug and carefully cut all electrical cords
  • Loosen all screws and pry open any hard to open encasements.



Computer Hard Drives

Computer Keyboards

Computer Towers

Music Boxes (crank)

Non-Electrical Clocks

Non-Digital Scales

Remote Controls

Remote Control Cars

Stereos and Radios

Tape Decks or Recorders


Video Game Consoles


CB radios

CD players

DVD players

Lamp Bases


IMPORTANT:  Please thoroughly wash out all bottles, containers, foam trays and/or any other items, as needed.


Beads, Buttons and Craft Supplies

Boxes (shoe, cereal, etc.)

Bubble Wrap

Building Blocks




Film Canisters

Foam Trays

Game Parts

Miscellaneous Paper (magazines, newspaper, craft etc.)

Milk/OJ Cartons/Jugs (rinsed)

Oatmeal Canisters


Plastic Bottle Caps



Rubber Bands


Sporting Goods and Balls (No Golf Clubs or Bats)




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Glen Ridge First Needs You!

Glen Ridge First has two opening on the board coming up:

– Secretary

– Board member with Programming responsibilities

If you’re interested, please email with your questions.

Posted by: Yin Chang | June 5, 2013

No drop offs, please

While we love our Glen Ridge neighbors, no one on the board will take forms or checks at their homes. We wanted to take a minute to clarify our reasoning.

The reason is simple: We’ve opened GRF to the wider public outside of Glen Ridge and would rather not have strangers (as nice as they are) knocking on our doors. All of us have young children and it becomes a security issue.

With all of our communications vehicles and the length of time between our initial communication(s) and the deadline, our hope is that we’ve given everyone a substantial amount of time.

The answer is “Yes, we will absolutely have more science/tech/engineering classes this coming year.” In fact, we already have the line-up for the 2013-2014 academic year. Just a sneak peak at the classes coming up starting in September for students from PreK to 8th grade:

  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy series
  • Simple Machines: Wheels, Axles & Gears
  • Motorized Machines
  • Future Space Explorers
  • Animals & Amazing Machines
  • Physics in Motion
  • Endangered Animals Adventure
  • And, much more

You can register two weeks before anyone else and hold early registration pricing as long as registration is open plus other benefits by getting a GR First Membership.

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