Posted by: Yin Chang | May 29, 2013

All about Odyssey of the Mind …. and what to do next.

If you’re interested in Odyssey of the Mind (OM) below are some next steps if you’re interested in Odyssey of the mind or come talk to us on Thursday, May 30 for one-on-one sessions and open Q&A.

  1. Get together a team sometime before August 1. Usually, there are 5-7 students on each team. In the case of OM, we would strongly suggest that the teams be comprised of the same grade level as OM judges the entire team based on the most senior person/grade. Your team composition should have students with a variety of interests and skills. While the tendency is to group “gifted” students or “leaders” together, it is not advisable as it may make for an extremely interesting work environment. Each student has something to offer to the group and they often find it during the course of being together. If you need help finding a team or need some additional team members, please complete the team matching form and submit BEFORE MAY 31.
  2. Join Glen Ridge First as a member. Access to the Odyssey of the Mind is part of Glen Ridge First Membership, but can also be purchased on your own @ $135. However, our hope is that GR teams will/can participate under the Glen Ridge First name to show solidarity. GR First membership will give you access to the problems and register your team under GR First (there is still a $60 registration fee for teams that you will be responsible for). If your child(ren) will participate in GR First programs sometime in 2013-2014, getting a membership is likely in your future as it offers some amazing savings.  Only one member of your team needs to register for a  Glen Ridge First membership. Become a Glen Ridge First Member.
  3. Glen Ridge First will alert you sometime in September when the problems have been received and next steps, which include selecting a problem to solve, working with GR First to register your team, and GR First will offer a space outside the home for teams who may work better away from the home setting.

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