Posted by: Yin Chang | May 13, 2013

Choices on how to join Odyssey of the Mind

There has been a great deal of interest in all the competitions set forth and we’ll be sending out information over the next couple of days starting with Odyssey of the Mind (OM). In a previous post, we gave you all the OM handouts from the information session. If you’ve missed it, check out What is Odyssey of the Mind post on May 7.

Odyssey is not costly so it’s easy to join, but we’re hoping that our teams can go forth an compete under the banner of “Glen Ridge First”. Not only would we act as a resource for you, but our hope is that we can coordinate the effort so that its more efficient.

There are two choices of getting the challenges and participating in Odyssey:

1- If you are a member of Glen Ridge First, you can request to receive the challenges for your team. GRF will have already paid for the $135 registration fee.  You are then responsible for the team registration fee ($60) and materials fee (usually $135 or less). Since membership has its privileges, GRF may be able to coordinate a place for teams to meet on an ongoing basis. Click here for GR First Membership Forms.

2-  You can also go ahead and register your own team directly with Odyssey and we’ll see you at the regionals!

Hope this helps. Feel free to comment on this post for more information.

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