Posted by: Yin Chang | May 11, 2013

FIRST® LEGO® League: Get ready! Get set! GO!

FIRST LEGO League registration is open! Register.

What’s the challenge this year? Nature’s Fury! With all the natural disasters these past few year’s, US FIRST decided to make it part of the competitive challenge in FLL.

What’s next for our team? Click on each step for more information.

1- Learn about what US FIRST does.

2- Form your team and register. Register as soon as possible so that your kit is not back ordered. Your team will need time to get use to Mindstorm EV3.

3- Order your materials. Again, please order as soon as possible.

4- Begin working on the challenge. While FLL says that most teams spend about 8 weeks meeting twice a week for one or two hours to prepare for the tournament, we strongly recommend all newbie teams meet more frequently and it’s possible by starting earlier. As a competition, teams do get disqualified and many new teams don’t make the finals, but there are always exceptions and those are the teams who excel through practice (just like a sport!).

5- Apply for a tournament. We would recommend applying for the 2nd or 3rd tournament in the region and attending a couple of tournaments prior to your teams tournament debut. This will really help give you the lay of the land.

6- Attend a tournament and celebrate your season.

Your team….mix it up! Have younger and older children on the team. This way, the team stays evergreen. Need help finding a team? Complete our team matching form and submit no later than May 31, 2013. Click here for team matching form.

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