Posted by: Yin Chang | February 23, 2013

Robotics: Our philosophy and progression of program

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about our programs and this is a good time for some clarification. Glen Ridge First’s programs have three purposes:

1- Glen Ridge First’s mission is to support, stimulate and promote interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among students ages 6 to 18. These programs help support our mission.

2- Our programs serve to be a fun, exciting way of taking what kids play with (LEGO® bricks, games, etc.) and turn them into fun learning experiences. While  the students may not walk away from each class reciting engineering or math formulas, the students are learning experientially. An example many have often heard me use is comparing the different size wheels  on a car a student has built. The size of the wheel matters when in a race. It also matters if the student is programming a car to move X feet before making a 90 degree turn and moving Y feet. A student eventually have to understand that the size of the wheel would need to correlate with the number of rotations before creating a command in a software program.

3- Our Robotics Track can act as a training ground for students interested in competition – such as FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE, FIRST® Technology Competition or FIRST® Robotics Competition (there are many others). Similar to sports, students must train for robotics, engineering and technology, but the muscle being strengthened is the mind.  The image below shows our current Robotics Track (still in progress). While students may just have an interest or “want to try it out”, we welcome everyone regardless of whether he/she would like to pursue a competitive track.

Robotics Program learning progression

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