Posted by: Yin Chang | January 30, 2013

Glen Ridge FIRST Robotics Program Progression

As January comes to a close, Glen Ridge FIRST (GRF) celebrates its six-month anniversary. In the last half-year, we’ve seen:

  • 12 Jr.FLL teams registered and ready to complete the US FIRST challenge
  • Fall/Winter science, tech/robotics programs including the introduction of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
  • An upcoming science summer camp

In the next 18 months, we are striving to:

  • Open up GRF programs and activities to non-residents
  • Roll out membership
  • Expand the Jr.FLL teams and start FLL teams including a team matching system
  • Introduce Odyssey of the Mind
  • A more robust fall/winter program which will expand on the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

In terms of robotics, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from a program progression Robotics Progression Slide. There will be more programs added to this as robotics is  interdisciplinary, but this is a start. Like sports, robotics is about training the mind.


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