Posted by: Yin Chang | January 14, 2013

2013 Disaster Blaster Challenge – Robotics Challenge

Prepare. Respond. Recover.

US FIRST has announced its theme next year and it’s a disaster!

Jr. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (ages 6-9): Jr. FIRST LEGO League teams will explore natural disasters in the 2013 DISASTER BLASTER challenge coming in August 2013.  These teams will learn about and build simple machines with motorized parts along with a SHOW ME poster.

FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (ages 9 – 16) will also explore natural disasters in the NATURE’S FURY challenge. Using LEGO MINDSTORMS, teams will solve a set of missions in the Robot Game, choose and solve a real world problem and present to a panel of judges.

More information is coming. This year, GR FIRST will take an active role in helping students find a team AND provide classes for teams (and coaches) in 2013.

Attend our two information sessions on January 16. Click here for more info.


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